• Hello again Moviejunkie2009,

    I recently manage to find really two good pictures for this site shown on the bottom. One is the show title and since is a transparent version of the title this could be a good replacement of the old one and the second one is the logo that I found on Pixiv along with other logos from the Braves series, Eldran series, and Tomica which I added them to those Wiki sites. I hope you like them and have fun with my pictures I uploaded.

    Also I have an interesting question for about Shinkalion and Tomica Hyper Rescue. Do you consider those two anime shows spiritual successors to the Brave series or the Eldran? What do you think?

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    • Thanks for the pictures. I think indeed that they are in a way spiritual successors of the Brave and Eldran series. In a way they are also related to Transformers. Fourty years ago Microman was one of the oldest precursors of all those franchises. Already back in the 1950s Plarail was introduced. Microman and other toylines were sold in the west as Transformers which later made Takara to also introduce the Transformers brand in Japan. After Transformers also ended in Japan, this prompted Takara to create the Brave series together with Sunrise. Tomy reacted to this with creating the Eldran series. They already created the Zoids brand back in the 1980s. After the Brave series ended Takara created the WebDiver and Daigunder franchises along with the Unicron Trilogy of Transformers. Around ten years later and a few years after the merger Takara Tomy once again created a Transformers-related franchise known as Beast Saga. And in recent years after Kamiwaza Wanda failed they launched an anime series for Tomica and after that Shinkalion alongside the relaunch of Zoids. So yes Tomica and Shinkalion are related to Brave and Eldran, the latter two being early examples of Transformers-related franchises and the former two occuring in more recent years. This Wikipedia article also might be interesting for you.

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