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Threat! Valtom’s Obsession is the twenty-seventh episode of Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z. It first aired in Japan on November 12, 2021 on TV Tokyo.



A new force is about to be added to Team Shinkalion. The name is the "Super Z Combination" between E5 Hayabusa and Doctor Yellow. Developed by all the efforts of the Ultra Evolution Institute, it is said to have the highest performance in all the units.

However, in order to succeed in "Super Z Combination", it is necessary to clear the strict conditions that the compatibility rate of the drivers Shin and Shimakaze should be 96% or higher and the variance between the two should be within 0.1%. Shin and Shimakaze immediately start a special training to bring them together...?


Finding that Seiryu is leaving all of a sudden, Genbu questions him. Seiryu explains that he's headed to the UK to look for a certain person who can help. He then asks Genbu to tell Shin and the others he expects perfect scores next time.

Later, Shin is updated on the latest strategy. The E5 and Doctor Yellow are to combine, to a form called the Super Z Combination. This will create the Shinkalion with the highest performance. While it sounds good on paper, there's one problem with the plan. Both drivers must have compatibility rates of 96 percent or higher, with a variance of 0.1 or less. Fortunately, Hosokawa proposes an idea for training right away.

Valtom visits his king, who is aware of Valtom's ambition to become king himself. He promises the throne to Valtom if he's able to succeed.

Hosokawa's training is for Shin and Shimakaze to do ballast replacement work at the tracks. One will work with a shovel and the other with a rope, and they must have the precise rhythm and timing. Shimakaze takes the shovel, Shin takes the rope, and the two begin. However, Shin struggles with the rope right away, pulling the shovel away and knocking them both to the ground.

Taiju proposes a new idea- mochi making. Shimakaze shapes the dough with his hand, while Shin is to hammer it. Shin worries that he'll hit Shimakaze's hand. Instead, he ends up hitting the outside of the mortar, which just ends up hurting him.

Hanabi offers them a special two-person coat to wear, and Shimakaze attempts to feed Shin while wearing it. This simply leads to Shin having food smashed onto his face.

Kannagi scolds Setsura for leaving Yugospia without permission. To prevent Setsura from taking any punishment, Abuto reveals that he was the one who took Setsura to earth. Kannagi decides to overlook it, so long that he never does so again.

In their training, Shimakaze and Shin attempt a three-legged race. This seems to be working, until they're unable to avoid the last cone in their path. Troubled over his failures so far, Shimakaze remembers back to when Ryūji first presented him with Doctor Yellow. He hopes that he can live up to the expectations that Doctor Yellow brings.

Taking a break per Ryūji's request, Shimakaze sits alone, looking at his N700A keyholder. Ryūji comes to sit with him, and explains that there's still a lot about compatibility rate that isn't understood. It depends on mental things as well as physical, and all that's rally known is that you have to like something. As Shimakaze questions about the "Iron Will", Shima appears with a new idea involving baseball mitts.

Shin, meanwhile, stands before the E5, thinking about Seiryu's question of why he became a driver. He's certain that he chose to do it. Shimakaze then appears with the baseball mitts, asking Shin to come with him.

Meanwhile, Valtom reluctantly decides that he'll have to take his monster form. After all, that's how he can get the throne.

As Shin and Shimakaze play catch, Shimakaze comments on how Shin was talking to the E5. Although Shin was embarrassed to be seen, Shimakaze thinks it isn't embarrassing, and rather, it's probably why he has such strong feelings for the E5. Shin explains that it has to do with Seiryu's words, about his own love for Shinkalion and the strength it's given him.

When energy is detected near Sekigahara Station, where a Blackstone was destroyed by Valtom, Shin and Shimakaze volunteer to head out. Because of the staff's concern over whether they're ready, the E5 is deployed in its Z Combined form and Doctor Yellow in Z Maintenance Mode.

After seeing Valtom's monster form, which resembles a giant toad, Shin believes it's a kind yokai called the Great Toad of Suo. But when the monster starts talking, Shimakaze realizes that it's actually an agent, and tells Shin to keep his guard up. At this point, Shin's compatibility rate is 95.6%, while Shimakaze's is 95.2%. This is of course too low to perform the Super Z Combination.

Shin and Shimakaze are having trouble right from the start, being tossed around. But Shimakaze declares to Shin that he also has something he likes, which is karate. Because he likes karate, he understands the importance of being prepared and responsible, so he was thinking only of raising his compatibility rate to work closer with Shin. However, what he should have been thinking of is how much he likes Doctor Yellow. He declares that he'll come to like it even more. Shimakaze and Shin make an attack together. After Shin is caught by Valtom's tongue, Shimakaze then tells Shin to hold onto the blade of his sword and not let go, while still holding onto the sword himself. Thinking of how the Hayabusa and Komachi uncouple at Morioka Station, he has Shin then let go, and uses that chance as he's propelled backwards to fire at the tongue, freeing Shin. Shin then is able to cut off one of Valtom's arms with the Yamanote Ex-Station Calibur. This seems to be a heavy blow, until the detached limb forms into a duplication of the monster itself.

To fight the two enemies, Shin and Shimakaze try to match their timing, like in the ballast training. In doing so, Shimakaze's compatibility rate rises to 95.5%, and Shin's to 95.7%. Practicing what they learned from mochi making, Shimakaze distracts Valtom's duplication while throwing his Rail Spike Shotgun to Shin, who then uses it as a hammer to knock the monster down. By doing so, their rates rise to 95.6% and 95.8% respectively. Valtom starts to fire a barrage of missiles from his back, leading Shin and Shimakaze to use the two-person-coat position to shield the both of them. Then, using what was learned from the three-legged race, the pair makes an attack. Shimakaze's rate rises to 95.8%, and Shin's to 95.9% on the next attack. They reach 0.1 percent variance, but aren't quite at 96 percent yet. Using the game of catch, Shimakaze tosses his Tongue Rail Sword to Shin, which he uses to strike Valtom and cause his retreat.

Valtom, furious, returns to his normal form. He remains determined to have the throne. Kannagi appears before him, telling him that the king has ordered him to stop fighting and remain to nurture the younger generation. When Valtom refuses, Kannagi starts to choke him, demanding compliance.


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Main Staff

  • Script- Daisuke Ishibashi
  • Storyboard- Masakatsu Iijima, Koichi Ohata
  • Episode Director- Yuki Sato
  • CG Episode Director- Koichi Ohata
  • Animation Director- Ippeita Watanabe, Shigenori Taniguchi, tofu, Ryota Shimizu, Takuya Yada, Seika Shibasaki, Minoru Nakagawa, Motoki Hayakawa, Tomokatsu Nagasaku, Kumiko Shishido


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