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Tokonami's Past is the thirty-fifth episode of Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z. It first aired in Japan on January 28, 2022 on TV Tokyo.



E5 Hayabusa, who was floating in space after being defeated by Dark Shinkalion, was recovered by the Teoti Warriors. While rejoicing Shin's safety, Yamakasa and his friends wonder why the Teoti helped them despite that they are enemies. That's when Abuto's father, Tokonami, appears there.

Shin asks Tokonami why he created the Dark Shinkalion. Tokonami shows Shin a photo and begins to tell Shin about the days he spent on Earth.


Depressed over his encounter with Abuto, Shin drifts into space while in the E5.

Later Kannagi commends Abuto, who storms off angrily after telling Kannagi not to touch him. However, his anger only satisfies Kannagi further.

Shin is brought back to Yugospia by Teoti warriors, including Bahram and Camalus, on Tokonami's request. Though done under orders, Bahram also supported Shin after witnessing Abuto, their so-called savior, who felt like a different person to them in the previous battle. Camalus disapproves of sheltering Earthlings, on the other hand, and makes this known to his comrade.

Valtom asks Abuto what he thought of the power of Tolerantia, confirming Abuto's suspicions that he was responsible for that rush of power. Not interested in hanging around, Abuto leaves, ordering Valtom not to do anything foolish.

Meanwhile, Setsura reveals the station lunchboxes he brought back from earth to the other Teoti. He teaches them how to eat them with chopsticks. Most are impressed by the lunches right away, but Camalus isn't willing to accept them just because he liked one. However, he tries another which he also enjoys.

Shin dreams that Abuto is waiting for him when he wakes up. Abuto apologizes to him, before revealing that he was only lying and attempts to kill him with the Dark Shinkalion. When Shin awakens for real, he sees Shimakaze instead. He and the other drivers, and especially Setsura, are glad to know he's awake. Shin asks about Smat, and a voice answers that he's in the E5. This voice came from Tokonami, who goes on to explain that the E5 had its energy depleted, but he's reviving both the E5 and Smat by converting the energy of Yugospia into electrical power. However, this job will take some time to complete. Shin isn't happy to see Tokonami though, and asks him accusingly why he even built the Dark Shinkalion. After all, if not for the Dark Shinkalion, none of this trouble would have even happened. Tokonami does apologize but then promptly leaves.

Bahram approaches Shin, glad to learn that he's awake. He invites the drivers to celebrate with the Teoti, in thanks for the lunches. They're all given Teoti food to try. Setsura gives Shin some he made personally. Everyone enjoys the food, and Shin is delighted to be able to eat a meal with aliens. Hanabi is glad to see Shin acting like his normal self, and Taiju points out that if not for Shinkalion, they never would have had an experience like this. He thinks that if Abuto had never been told about Shinkalion then none of them would have likely met at all.

Shin talks with Tokonami again later, apologizing for what he'd said earlier. Tokonami shows him a photo of his family from when the Yokokawa Branch was first established. He begins to explain his history, starting with when he landed on earth, as part of a scouting mission. He had crash landed in a forest and was injured, but was found by Shirayuki, who took care of his wounds and watched over him until he woke up. Soon after, he met Shima through her, as he was her senior at university. Shima taught him about the Abt system, and Tokonami became interested in the railway from there, and began working with him doing maintenance to the locomotives.

Eventually, Tokonami admitted his true origins to Shima, and that he intended to learn mechanical knowledge from him in order to repair his craft. However, he came to genuinely enjoy the work. Shima accepted this, and invited Tokonami to stay for as long as he liked.

Some time after, Tokonami was introduced to Yatsushiro by Shima. The first thing he was asked is what his favorite thing was, to which he answered railways. In particular, conventional lines. Yatsushiro stated that their research would be on next-generation high speed railways, as opposed to the conventional kind. Their goal was to attain Ultra Evolution Speed. Tokonami replied that conventional lines are the foundation for high speed rail, not just technologically speaking, but in person-to-person and region-to-region connections. Thus, he thinks that technological development must avoid breaking the connections between people. Although Yatsushiro took Tokonami's answer as a declination, he expressed interest in Tokonami for that answer, and welcomed him to the Ōmiya Branch.

During this period of time, the First Enemy appeared, and the Ultra Evolution Institute began development of the Shinkalions in response. Also, Tokonami and Shirayuki gave birth to Abuto. Abuto had been interested in the railway from a young age, and was shown everything by Tokonami.

Tokonami also remembers back to the time when the previous generation of drivers battled against Kirin, and the power they created when joined together. This further added to his feelings that his theory was always correct.

Finally, he recalls the day that the photo was taken, where he told Abuto that he would be able to build trains just like his dad, and drive them too. It wasn't long after that when Astrea appeared to Tokonami, ordering him to return to Yugospia and develop a Shinkalion for the Teoti, threatening his family if he refused. However, he hid the Z Codes near where the Keystones are located so that Abuto would be able to find them, and continued to send him blueprints.

Tokonami admits to Shin that he never imagined Abuto would become the driver of the Dark Shinkalon. He reveals that the Dark Shinkalion will steal away its driver's heart. Tolerantia, negative emotions that Teoti possess, have gone out of control against Abuto's will. Of course, Tokonami is devastated as much as Shin by the results of his actions. Shin replies that he'll save Abuto. The first step to getting to know one another is listening to their story, and Shin is glad to have learned Tokonami's. Shin promises to fight Abuto as many times as it takes until they can finally understand each other. Tokonami is grateful.

Meanwhile, Astrea reveals to Abuto that Shin is still alive, and as long as he lives, their wish can never be fulfilled.

Shin returns to the other drivers and the E5, with his new determination to fight Abuto again.


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Main Staff

  • Script- Daisuke Ishibashi
  • Storyboard- Takeshi Mori, Koichi Ohata
  • Episode Director- Yūzō Sasaki
  • CG Episode Director- Koichi Ohata
  • Animation Director- Natsuki Watanabe, Shin'ichi Suzuki, Kanako Ono, Tomokatsu Nagasaku


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