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Underground Decisive Battle! Doctor Yellow Z Maintenance Mode is the twenty-third episode of Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z. It first aired in Japan on October 8, 2021 on TV Tokyo.



Shin reunites with Abuto, who is riding the Dark Shinkalion, in the subterranean chamber beneath Yokokawa. Shin and Smat desperately call for a dialogue with him, but Abuto doesn't respond and gets him into a fight.

On the other hand, in the subterranean chamber beneath Ueno, Doctor Yellow and Kannagi are facing each other. Kannagi disappears after saying "As long as there is the Dark Shinkalion, humanity can never stop Teoti." and begins to intervene in the battle between E5 and the Dark Shinkalion.


Shin tries to talk with Abuto, who won't acknowledge him.

While at Ōmiya Branch, communication with Shin is lost, they're able to bring up videos from where Doctor Yellow went. There, they see Kannagi and Sougyoku. Shimakaze confronts Kannagi, who reveals his identity as an Teoti. However, he proceeds to declare that if the Shinkalions came to stop him, then that would be impossible, due to them having the Dark Shinkalion. Then, the two vanish. Shimakaze realizes that Shin must be facing the Dark Shinkalion.

Although Abuto continues ignoring Shin, Smat points out that Abuto probably wasn't trying to hit them with his last attack. Thus, he might have been forced to be doing all this. He requests that Shin use his strength as a form of dialog in order to bring Abuto back to his senses.

Abuto acknowledges to himself the real reason he isn't speaking to Shin. Astrea stole his voice. This frustrates him, as he'd like to talk. Not knowing this, Shin continues talking, explaining that his mom told him she was fine, but she didn't really seem fine. Abuto is upset hearing this, but still can't answer, as Shin pleads for him to come back.

Kannagi speaks with Abuto telepathically, telling him to strike down the green Shinkalion and destroy the Keystone to prove he's one of them. He reluctantly does as told, throwing the E5 against a wall. Smat suggests that Shin do the Z Combination, but as he can't contact the command room, this is impossible. Abuto fires the Dark Gran Cross toward the Keystone, but Shin stands in his way. While Abuto tries to avoid making the blast hit Shin, Shimakaze comes to the rescue in Doctor Yellow. The Keystone is destroyed, regardless. This results in an earthquake to the surface of Yokokawa, which alerts Shirayuki, despite her not knowing what actually happened.

Communication is also restored, so Shin reports back to headquarters the fate of the stone. Meanwhile, Shimakaze attempts to confront Abuto as well, leaving Abuto further frustrated.

Abuto transforms the Dark Shinkalion into Centaur Mode. Knowing that Abuto needs to be stopped no matter what, Shimakaze transforms to Z Maintenance Mode. Abuto smiles upon seeing it, but then fires his Dark Blaster. Shimakaze blocks with the Inspection Missile. Suddenly, there's a tectonic shift in the subterranean chamber. The ground could collapse, risking harm to the drivers. As Abuto appears to be crushed by rocks, Shin calls out to him. Shin and Shimakaze are able to escape, but without Abuto.

Taiju and Hanabi are relieved to see Shin return safely, but angry at him for worrying them so much. Shin apologizes, and the drivers move on to discussing Abuto. Shin declares that he still believes in him, and that Abuto must have a reason, because he wouldn't allow himself to be manipulated by the Teoti. He admits, though, that dialog won't be enough, and asks Shimakaze to help train him. Genbu is listening in on their conversation from a distance away.

Meanwhile, Hibiki and other crew members investigate the subterranean chamber beneath Ueno. They're unable to find any traces of the Teoti. However, Hibiki says she'll continue looking for clues. Just then, another worker calls her over, having discovered what appears to be a Blackstone fragment. Hibiki thinks this one was shattered long ago, prompting the other worker to wonder how long the Teoti have been on earth for.

Abuto thinks about what his father told him about the Devil Mode, and how it steals away the driver's heart. He thinks that he's already felt a similar sensation when firing the Dark Gran Cross blast just before, and is shocked by his own actions. Kannagi appears and compliments Abuto, stating that even though the Shinaklions escaped this time, it will only be a matter of time. He believes that Abuto must be realizing the same thing, but before Abuto can object, a young Teoti kid appears, excited to see Kannagi. The Teoti boy, Setsura, seems immediately hostile towards Abuto.

While Taiju and Hanabi spar with each other (Hanabi not quite using proper karate), Shin begins his training under Shimakaze. He's a bit discouraged that he isn't very good at karate, as he wanted to get stronger fast. Genbu appears, having a way for Shin to get stronger. He says he'll ask a certain family member to train Shin. Of course, he's referring to Seiryu, who has just arrived at Narita International Airport from overseas.


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Main Staff

  • Script- Kenichi Yamashita
  • Storyboard- Masakatsu Iijima, Koichi Ohata
  • Episode Director- Yoshito Hata
  • CG Episode Director- Koichi Ohata
  • Animation Director- Beom Seok Hong, Shin'ichi Suzuki


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