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As we all know, Black Shinkalion Ogre Rising Mode used an unnamed deathblow in Episode 74 of Shinkalion THE ANIMATION. Since Kirin only shouted out “Don’t bother me!” when using it instead of saying its actual name, the official name of the deathblow is still currently unknown.

Believing the unnamed deathblow being a variation of Ogre Rising Mode’s main deathblow Revision Thunder, @ShinkarionE2Thomas gave it a placeholder name “Revision Thunder v2” (“v” presumably stands for “version” or “variation”) back in June 2019.

And recently, another user @Swernt found out that Ogre actually had used another variation of this unnamed deathblow in Episode 73 before transforming into Rising Mode, so he moved the page for “Revision Thunder v2” to “Revision Thunder v2(Rising Mode)” while creating a new page titled “Revision Thunder v2(Normal)” for the Episode 73 version.

Rising Mode’s Unnamed Deathblow.png
File:Ogre Unnamed Deathblow.png

...Ok that’s enough for the backstory. Now, let me present a turn of events.

After seeing the revisions (pun not intended) on the Revision Thunder v2 page, I rewatched the two episodes where the two variations are found. And after some closer look into the footages, it turns out, that these two so-called “Revision Thunder v2” are NOT actually variations of Revision Thunder at all.

If you look closer at the images like I did, you can found out that it is actually the Free Gauge Kanabous that emit the electricity in both versions instead of Erect Horn (it should be quite obvious in the Normal Mode version), and thus neither of them actually have anything to do with Revision Thunder, and should be considered as the deathblow of Free Gauge Kanabou instead.

So what are we going to do with these “Revision Thunder v2” pages? To avoid the readers’ confusion, I would suggest to redirect the pages to the Revision Thunder page itself, while moving their contents to the Free Gauge Kanabou page. Of course, it would be better if we can just delete the pages completely.

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