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Rumors have it that new informations about the franchise’s new series, Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z, have been revealed on the recently-published March 2021 Televi-Kun magazine visual, including that the name of the new protagonists being “Shin Niida” (新多シン) and “Abudo Usui” (碓井アブド). These haven’t been confirmed, so please don’t update it on the articles until new evidences come out.

Anyways, it has been announced that official information of Z would be coming out soon at 2/12 on TV Tokyo Network’s variety show Oha Suta (source:, so hopefully we don’t need to wait for too long

Update: scans of said issue have been found earlier today, so it’s not rumor anymore. The new character names are confirmed to be “Shin Arata” and “Abuto Usui” (碓氷アブト) respectively instead. pic below:

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