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Z Combine! E235 Yamanote is the second episode of Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z. It first aired in Japan on TV Tokyo on April 16, 2021.



Having officially become the driver of Shinkalion Z E5 Hayabusa, Shin visited the Usui Pass Railway Heritage Park again for the Shinkalion piloting simulation. Awaiting there is Abuto Usui, a genius mechanic involved in the remolding of the Shinkalions despite being the same age as Shin.

However, Abuto says he can't drive Shinkalion for some reason. When Shin casually asked why, Abuto left the scene with a stiff face...


Sogō, Ōishi, and Shima visit Shin's house, requesting permission from his mother for him to assist at the Shinkansen Ultra Evolution Institute Yokokawa Branch. She accepts the offer, but manages to get the name of the institute wrong.

As the three staff members drive home that night, Sogō jokes about how his great conversation skills led to the negotiations going so well, but Shima, who said nothing the whole time, looks concerned.

The next day, Shin and Ayu commute back to Yokokawa. Ayu inquires as to what happened after Shin was separated from her, claiming that she was very worried. Shin doesn't believe she was actually that worried, given that he found her snoring when he got home. Ayu argues that she was just really tired, but still presses Shin for a proper explanation. He refuses to tell, as he was ordered to keep what happened with the Shinkalion a secret. Their argument is interrupted when the train finally arrives in Yokokawa. Ayu wonders if Shin went back to look for aliens again, but he surprises her by going back to the Usui Pass Railway Heritage Park. Shin shows an ID card to Ōishi at the desk, which Ayu doesn't recognize, guessing it to be some sort of fanclub membership card for children. When she takes it from his hand to examine, she realizes this isn't the case, and becomes further suspicious. Of course, both Shin and Ōishi are concerned by this. To try and hide the secret, Shin says that he's interested in finding out about Tetsudouder, and rushes in. Ayu is stopped from following, as she needs to purchase a ticket first.

Upon entering, Shin hears someone calling to him. This turns out to be Abuto. Having overheard Shin talking about how he has time before simulation training, Abuto informs him that he has much more to learn before that, if he's going to be a driver. Shin replies that first, he has something he wants to tell Abuto. That is, he came looking for aliens, and wants him to let him know if he knows anything. Remembering Shin saying something similar in the restaurant, Abuto replies that he does know something. However, he won't tell Shin unless he can catch him. Abuto takes off, leading to a chase. He finally stops after climbing up a tree. Exhausted, Shin wonders if Abuto is one of the aliens if he's that fast. Abuto chides that Shin might be one for getting exhausted so easily. Seemingly a bit annoyed, Shin replies that Abuto looks like a Chupacabra from the way he's sitting in the tree. Of course, Abuto has no clue what he's talking about, and has no interest in Shin's proceeding long explanation. He mocks Shin for still not catching him, who attempts to climb the tree. Unfortunately for him, the branch breaks. Although Abuto is able to catch him, preventing his fall, he considers the game a loss for Shin who still needed his help in the end.

Because both Shin and Abuto's stomachs start growling after, Shin takes out some special Takasaki Daruma bentos he had saved for lunch (admitting that one was supposed to be for Ayu). Once the two eat, Shin returns to discussing his dream about befriending an alien. Though he explains people always find him weird and laugh at him for that dream, it was never as bad as in the restaurant the other day. That's why he was really happy when Abuto stood up for him. He's surprised to hear this, mentioning that he doesn't find it particularly weird. Shin asks him once again if he can tell him about the aliens, but Abuto replies that his knowing something was all a lie, so he could test Shin. While Shin is fuming, Abuto changes the mood of the conversation by finally formally introducing himself.

Smat who was with Abuto, states that he's also hungry. Abuto feeds him by scanning the QR code on a juice box he had, explaining to Shin that Smat eats QR codes. Shin also learns through this discussion that Abuto built Smat. Smat begins to boast about all that Abuto does for the Shinkalions, which he remodeled, until Abuto stops him. This leads Shin to ask about why Abuto can't drive the Shinkalion. Abuto becomes upset and leaves, and Shin gets a scolding from Smat for his insensitivity. In order to win Smat over, Shin baits him with more QR codes, which Smat does quickly accept. After eating, Smat explains to Shin about compatibility rate, the reason why Abuto can't be a driver. While Shin finds this confusing, he is able to understand why Abuto would be unhappy not to be able to drive his own machines.

Just then, Shin gets a call from Abiko. He's late for his simulation training.

Shima, who is working on the E5, is offered a break by Hosokawa. Noticing that Abuto, who went back to work on the E5 as well, is not really focusing, Shima offers Abuto to come with him.

Shin, meanwhile, begins his training with Abiko, who is strict with him from the get-go.

Abuto wonders is Shima invited him outside to try and console him. Shima replies that he knows Abuto doesn't want that. Abuto starts to lament about his compatibility rate anyway. Shima replies that he shouldn't forget that without a mechanic, a train would not be able to move.

As Abiko is about to explain the Z Combination, the most powerful mode of the E5 Hayabusa to Shin, he starts to snooze.

Meanwhile, Wadatsumi creates another Giant Monstrous Being, near where an animal is living in the bushes.

Abiko discovers that Shin slept through her whole explanation, just as soon as an emergency alert comes in via Smat. As Shin heads to the E5, this time a Capture Field is successfully launched around the new Giant Monstrous Being, which is given the codename as Extra-Scallion Daruma.

Shin begins to apologize to Abuto as soon as he sees him again. Abuto tells him he doesn't want to hear it. He simply states that Shin is the driver and he's the mechanic. Both are necessary for the Shinkalion to move. Shin launches in the E5 Hayabusa after, this time with the Zailiner E235 Yamanote coming along, which can be used for a Z Combination. When the battle begins, Shin is forced to do lots of dodging, not being able to get close to attack. Following Smat's instructions, he starts to run along the rails, and moves in from behind instead. Shin is surprised when after striking it, a tail comes out from behind. Thus, the enemy can't really be a daruma. As he's caught off guard and attacked again, Shin's only choice is to perform a Z Combination. Abiko tells him that the Zailiner E235 Yamanote will soon be arriving. When he reacts with confusion, Abuto states that he should know because of the simulation. Of course, knowing the truth, Abiko is bothered that the subject came up. She is forced to disappoint Sogō in revealing she never taught Shin about it. Although Sogō believes they're doomed, Abuto still encourages Shin. Shin admits that he's doubtful too, never getting around to simulating the combination. But Abuto points out that in his first battle, he'd never gone through any simulations either. Shin still thinks that was a fluke, but Abuto replies that he still trusts Shin. After all, with a driver and mechanic working together, the possibility of success would never be zero. Hearing this gives Shin the motivation to go through with the Z Combination, which he performs successfully. Shin receives much more power, but Extra-Scallion Daruma still isn't taken down from one blow. Abuto tells him to use Z Gran Cross, which can be activated now that the E5 and Yamanote are combined. This time, he successfully finishes off Extra-Scallion Daruma.

After the battle, Shin returns Smat to Abuto. Abuto tells him to keep Smat, however, revealing that he has his own Z Gear. Shin thanks Abuto, and also mentions that Abuto telling him the possibility wasn't zero was what made him believe he could pull off the Z Combination. Abuto replies that he was lying, which shocks Shin. But actually, he states that the fact that he was lying was actually the lie. Smiling, Shin thanks the liar.


In the episode



Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode.

Image Name Time Note
SogouandOoishi ep2 1.png Saijō Sogō 0:04 (voice)
SogouandOoishi ep2 1.png Misaki Ōishi 0:06
YokokawastaffinAratahome.png Toki Arata 0:08
YokokawastaffinAratahome.png Shin Arata 0:08
YokokawastaffinAratahome.png Goichi Shima 0:08
ShinandAyuin211.png Ayu Arata 2:45 (voice)
AbutobehindD511.png Abuto Usui 3:09 (flashback)
4:18 (voice)
ShinandAkeno flashback.png Akeno Myōjō 4:53 (flashback)
Smatphone ep2.png Smat 8:14 (voice)
KasumiAbiko ep2 1.png Kasumi Abiko 10:13
AtsutaHosokawa ep2.png Atsuta Hosokawa 3:09 (flashback)
10:28 (voice)
Wadatsumi ep2 1.png Wadatsumi 11:55
Gyoubu FA.png Gyōbu 12:00
Negimashidaruma 1.png Extra-Scallion Daruma 12:50


Main Staff

  • Script- Masanao Akahoshi
  • Storyboard- Wataru Nakagawa Koichi Ohata
  • Episode Director- Hye Jin Seo
  • CG Episode Director- Koichi Ohata
  • Animation Director- Yoshiko Nakajima, Satoru Shiraishi, Tetsuya Sato, Yumiko Kinoshita, Etsushi Mori


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